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Converse Unt1T3Ld review by Manu

Converse Unt1tl3d - Grade School Shoes

Overall experience: 

These sneakers are incredibly fun, and its materials are quite new, as the sneaker is made of a fabric similar to nylon, which adds a beautiful shine to the sneaker. In addition, you can see the classic Converse star on the external part and its icon on the internal part, but in a very striking yellow and green colorway. The dripping effect is also quite interesting from a design perspective. The sole is very casual, and its bright color gives the sneaker a youthful touch when compared to the black and white of the cap toe. Finally, we must talk about the silver tongue which brings liveliness and brightness to this Converse and helps to distinguish it from everything previously seen in this type of footwear. 

Recommended for:

Someone who is looking for a light, but bright shoe. Converse feels very comfortable, and it is always light, as this type of sneaker makes you feel you are barefoot. They are lightness is the form of sneaker.

Styling tips:

I love wearing models like this whenever I wear wide pants or overalls, because it gives a modern, yet retro, casual touch at the same time. Pair up with a black short-sleeved shirt, high socks in yellow, red, or green colorways to coordinate with the logo, and black bucket hat and you are good to go!