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Asics Gel Venture 180 review by Manu

Asics Gel Venture 180 - Men Shoes

Overall experience: 

My experience was great because it is perfect for someone who has sports injuries like me. The model is extremely comfortable and light. It has a soft gel cushioning, which makes the footprint very uniform and well supported, being respectful of our feet and joints.This is apriority for shoes with gel soles! The model is aesthetically colorful, while still providing the versatility of a black shoe. 

Recommended for: 

As it helps supportthe knees, it is a good option for someone who would like to take more care for their legs and posture in general. The color palette with red, yellow, and the blue logo together with its white sole helps to create a more a casual and sporty look.

Styling tips: 

It is a highly recommended shoe, especially for its sporty character, and can be a perfect piece to combine it with training clothes when going out for a run or to go to the gym.