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Kawhi Sig 1 Santa Klaws review by Caprice

New Balance Kawhi Sig 1 "Santa Klaws" - Men Shoes

New Balance Kawhi Sig 1 "Santa Klaws" - Men Shoes (Blue-White)

Overall experience:

I would say my overall experience with the Kawhi was good. They are shoes with a purpose. Though I do not play a lot of sports myself, I can tell that these would be great for playing basketball – they are quite firm and have a great lacing system which holds the foot well, creating a great ankle support.  I have wide feet myself and when I wore them, they were very comfortable, so I can recommend them for those with larger feet. They are also breathable, so if you wear them for sports they would be great for keeping your feet cool while playing. While I think the shoe is quite bulky visually, they are not very heavy , they were easy to wear.

A good choice if you also like 

Jordan Zoom 92. In terms of look and shape, I would say they are quite similar. They are also similar to the Kyrie 7 as they give the right support around the ankle and are great basketball shoes. The breathability reminds me of New Balance sneakers.

Recommended for 

somebody who loves playing sports, especially basketball. These shoes are perfect for it!

Styling tips:

With these shoes I would wear a graphic black hoodie, preferably with light blue accents, paired with black graphic basketball boyfriend shorts and then some white socks. For accessories, I would finish it off with a silver necklace.