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Puma Sons of Jemmapes

Sons of Jemmapes x PUMA

Sons of Jemmapes is the story of a community with a shared passion: basketball and its values. When the Quai de Jemmapes court first hit the scene in 2003, basketball fans gathered to play or just hang out and chat. This unique court is truly representative of Parisian street basketball. Any Parisian basketball player can tell you all about this court.

The story is still the same today. Rami, 18, goes to the court every day. To play or just "watch and check out other players". He's part of this new generation of basketball players who meet up every day and get involved. "We also meet outside the court to grab food, go shopping, watch games and so on," says 22-year-old Yannis, who's been coming every day since the court got its spectacular makeover.

The Sons of Jemmapes care about authenticity and passing down a passion for basketball to the next generation. Young new arrivals are called "Prospects" and are gradually integrated further into the community. They make up almost half of the Sons of Jemmapes. In this community of about 60 people, there is a lot of pulling together, solidarity and giving to those in need. 

Flo is one of the founders of this community. He's been playing on this court for 16 years now. For him, your "frame of mind" is what's most important. Although he's now a father and no longer lives in the neighbourhood, he remains very attached to this community and continues to help it out every day. 

Together with Yoane and other members, they contribute to this amazing initiative by passing on their knowledge to the youngest in the community. This involves sharing basketball culture but also imparting advice about life. They are also organising more and more events and the goal is to have at least two per month.

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