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AJ 35

Paris Basketball's Future is Bright​

Even though basketball in Europe's history has been much less advertised, noticed and generally hyped, compared to its competitors such as football, hockey, and rugby it has steadily been gaining its rightful place in the break of the millennia culture. And has become one of the vital social glues to both the inner and more distanced suburb communities, especially for younger generation.​

Basketball, like other sports, is still to this day is a sport dominated by the male athlete. From the big money contracts male players get to the attention the media gives them, can things change? We sat down with a few amazing young athletes, Ambre, Adeline, Jade & Gladys, during our AJXXXV shoot in Paris to talk about the women's game in Paris and its future.  Although they see the discrepancies, they have a positive outlook on the future of the European game.​

“In the future, we would like women's basketball to be much more prominent because the girls have been sidelined a lot and they have to come more into play”.​

Each of them have put the emphasis on the importance of relatable role-models and feel lucky to have some of their own. Players such as Marie Johannes, Olivia Epoupa, Diana Leou and many other strong female role-models who are on top of the game give them something to strive towards as they develop their game. As we dig into the conversation with about the future of women and girls in modern basketball, they align on one thing if you got skills and hard work the parks stop seeing your gender. They have the goal of pushing women's basketball from them just being accepted, to being looked at with the same respect for dedication and performance as the male lead side of the sport, on and off the street.​

With the focus on Paris, a multicultural city that never sleeps. If you can make it in Paris, similarly to New York or perhaps London, you can make it anywhere. This is why the importance falls on local youth having the opportunity to indulge into what the city has to offer, no matter their background or gender. In France football easily is one of the most publicized and attention-grabbing sports and as Gladys herself mentions “ I would like basketball to be the same as football. Whether the matches go on TF1 or France 2 when there are important matches like in other sports. Believing basketball in France not just the US, has the same potential to reach as football or any of the other male dominated sports."​

​These young women whether determined to become idols themselves or simply focus on their more personal goals, are the future of not just France's street basketball scene, but Europe's Basketball legacy. We are happy to support them on their journey as determined individuals with the same values and goals, the faces of a new wave of determined and talented female athletes.​