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    adidas LA Trainer – a cult shoe with adjustable cushioning

    The “LA” in the name of the adidas LA Trainer stands for Los Angeles, which was the venue for the 1984 Olympics. Originally aimed at runners, this shoe is now also highly sought after for general leisure use. Find out more about this legendary classic.

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    adidas LA Trainer: a cult show since it was launched

    Step back in time: with the adidas LA Trainer, you get to experience a piece of sporting history and, at the same time, enjoy an authentic retro classic in your shoe collection. These running shoes were created around the time of the 1984 LA Olympics, and today their look is even more in demand than ever. In any event, the adidas LA Trainer 2 is just as popular as a running shoe as it is as leisure footwear. At work, as part of a stylish yet sporty office outfit, when going out with friends or just wandering around town with your family – these shoes always make the right impression. Foot Locker offers a vast selection of adidas LA Trainers in a range of different colours and styles. The upper portion of these retro-look trainers is made from synthetic fabrics, the inner material is cloth, and the soles are made from textured rubber. The stable, supportive style means that your feet will enjoy superb grip, while the breathable mesh fabric optimizes ventilation. No matter which way life takes you, one thing is certain: comfort will be with you on your journey.

    Always a step ahead

    Originally conceived for runners, the adidas LA Trainer 2 still benefits from the original design decisions. When running, athletes benefit from the grip offered by the rubber soles as well as the providing extra propulsion. That reduces strain on the joints and makes running more pleasant all round. With good reason, many runners describe this model as extremely comfortable - and runners with heel problems swear by them in particular. One practical, comfortable feature of these shoes is that, with the help of the three pins in the heel area, you can adjust the damping of the adidas LA Trainers individually, adapting them to different surface conditions on trails, on the road, and on the track. The soles feature an impressive, high-quality profile to ensure a secure footing, which makes the adidas LA Trainer a great choice for running in rainy weather or on slippery surfaces. As such, you are always prepared with the right grip for any situation!

    adidas LA Trainers for women, men, and kids

    Running shoes must be designed to match the needs of a variety of different wearers. That’s why the adidas LA Trainer is available for women, men, children and (for the ultimate in cuteness) babies as well. But what sets the different models apart from one another? Quite simply: the insoles. The insole of each model is cut differently to reflect differences in weight distribution. Runners love the characteristics of the adidas LA Trainers for women, so compare the different models directly and find the right shoe for your sporting activities and leisure time, according to your own needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of colours and models. Women’s shoes are available from size 36 and up, while children’s shoes are available from size 23 above. Whether you’re an active indoor athlete or a marathon runner, adidas LA Trainers are available to choose in a style that meets your needs, in sizes up to size 48.

    Your Style with adidas LA Trainers

    Today’s fashion has more of a sense of fun than ever before, and anything you like is allowed. You can wear your sporty adidas LA trainers with a smart suit and keep your sporty attitude, if you want. Women are also allowed to add a daring twist to the mix: red adidas LA Trainers are a superb, eye-catching accessory to a little black dress. Add some bright red lipstick and you’re guaranteed to be the centre of attention. Black adidas LA Trainers are true all-rounders that you can wear casually with jeans or a light summer outfit. The blue adidas LA Trainer is always a safe bet, and if you’re a fan of bright colours, yellow and other striking versions are bound to appeal. The classic adidas stripe is mostly incorporated into the shoe in a contrasting, primary colour and adds a striking accent that you can bring out further with your accessories. Compare the different adidas LA Trainers that are on offer with one another, select the model that suits your style, and order now using the easy-to-use Foot Locker online store!
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